Below are listed all of my published stories in reading order and by series.
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Note: All of my stories feature same-sex pairings and most include sexual content.


VADE MECUM: André is a confused and angry fourteen-year-old boy whose aunt rescues him from state care after the death of his mother. She takes him to live with her motley extended family awhirl with plans for a most unconventional wedding. This young adult story is ultimately about finding a place to be oneself, and to belong without question.
Set in the world of HAVEN and CODE SWITCHING.
6 k 


HAVEN is a picaresque romp through the 1970s featuring Haven, a Vietnam medic turned ER Nurse, his Argentine-exile ballet dancer lover, leather daddies, Black Panthers, and a baby.

HAVEN appears in the BEDSIDE MANNER anthology edited by Jennifer B. and with stories by Jane Davitt and Sean Michael.



CODE SWITCHING: When a friend and patient dies of a rare pneumonia, Haven and Tadeo's secure life is thrown into disarray. Attacks -- and support -- emerge from unexpected quarters as Nurse Haven Tucker returns in this story set at the dawn of the AIDS crisis.
4.5 k 

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CATCHING OUT is the story of lonely photographer Ab, vagabond Mole, and their very unlikely love. 

It appears in the anthology TASTE TEST: BLIND DATES edited by Mychael Black and with stories by Alex Marcus-Jacobs and Jodi Payne



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CATCHING CHRISTMAS tells the story of Petey, who meets mysterious musician Woody while serving a holiday meal at a soup kitchen. 


4 k 

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  GUTTERPUNK STONE SOUP: Petey and Woody from CATCHING CHRISTMAS rustle up a community meal in this short freebie based on the classic folk tale.
~1 k 


The PAULO & PRESTON stories are also set in Sister City

(photo is by
Michel Giliberti)

Contemporary, D/s 
<1k - 8k


DING DONG MERRILY introduces Paulo, a singer with the Sister City Gay Men's Chorus, who has an irreverent way with lyrics.

This appeared as part of a Torquere Press holiday event.


HEARD ON HIGH: Hal is a composer and director of the local gay men's chorus. Arlie's a young tenor whose voice doesn't measure up to his reputation. When he takes Arlie home, Hal finds out it’s not all about the singing, and that if Arlie can just find the right range, everything can work out.

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EPIPHANY: SHINING THROUGH: When Paulo goes to see his friend Jim perform at a BDSM club, he's fascinated by the man's Dom, Master Rose. So, when he finds out that Jim isn't feeling well on the night of Epiphany, he jumps at the chance to fill in for the final performance of the holidays.

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In LAVATORY LUXOR, Paulo struggles between wanting to pursue Master Preston and wanting to make a good, submissive impression.

MASTER PRESTON'S BRIGHT BOTTOM: Months ago, Paulo had one, intense public scene with Master Preston Rose, and now he can’t stop thinking about it. He's determined to become a part of the retired Dom's life, but will all of his work be enough to get him the collar he dreams of?

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LUA-DE-MEL: Paulo and Preston celebrate a honeymoon of sorts.

This appeared as part of a Torquere Press anniversary event.


ADAPTATIONS: In this episode, Paulo worries that Preston has lost interest in topping him.  The real reason comes as a surprise, and Paulo and Preston have to work together to find a solution. A set of anal beads comes in handy…

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BEARING WITNESS: After attending a ceremony dissolving a Dom’s relationship with his sub, Paulo develops a fear that his and Preston’s relationship might have an expiration date.  Advice comes from family and friends, but in the end Preston will need to come up with something special to reassure his lover of his place in Preston's life. His permanent place.

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FIDDLER IN THE BUFF: Preston springs for a penis piercing for Paulo’s birthday. But before he can share the surprise, the pair find themselves playing host to an unexpected house-guest. Is the newcomer just a flirtatious diva, or do his come-ons spell danger for Paulo and Preston?

Part of the TOY BOX: PRINCE ALBERT collection with stories from Heidi Champa and Mike Shade. 


PAULO'S SANTA KINK: Paulo’s harbored an unusual fantasy for years. Working up the courage to tell Master Preston about it is only the first step. Preston has to figure out a way to fulfill his boy’s Christmas wish without losing his authority as a top. Flannel pajamas, hot chocolate, and Christmas cookies join red velvet, black leather, and willow switches in this tale of nicely naughty gift-giving.

Part of the TOY BOX: TWISTED PRESENTS collection alongside stories by BA Tortuga and Andy Slayde & Ali Wilde.


FIREFLIES IN THE BATHTUB: When Master Preston’s arthritic hands prevent him shaving himself, neither he nor Paulo expect how sexy it will be for Paulo to serve his master in a new way. With Preston’s birthday approaching, refurbishing their old bathroom to accommodate their shaving scenes gives Paulo the perfect opportunity to show his master the depth of his love.

Part of the TOY BOX: SHAVING collection which includes stories by Winnie Jerome, and Sean Michael. 


FULL FRONTAL: Preston has never heard Paulo's safe word within a scene. When he does, everything stops, and Paulo and Preston are forced to confront a demon from Paulo's past. Paulo insists he’s ready to move on, but the incident shakes Preston's confidence. To make their way forward takes courage and trust and...wax?

Part of the TOY BOX: WAX anthology edited by M. Rode and with stories by Kiernan Kelly and Syd McGinley.


In FULL FRONTAL Alex, the flamboyant saloniste and his lover, bearish top Bruno, got Paulo all squeaky smooth for that story's climactic scene.
In Full Frontal,they're veterans of a decades-long relationship. But just how did Bruno and Alex get together in the first place? Travel back to 1978 when Bruno was a closeted leather boy and Alex was trying to find meaning on the disco 'round. Preppy guy walks into a leather bar...
...and the result was "A BETTER FATE THAN WISDOM." It appears in the CHERRY ON TOP anthology.


Sci-fi / futuristic
18 - 23k

AUTUMN: Edor, a man thrown out of the privileged, protected Domes must survive in a post-apocalyptic world. His decision to acquire a draft animal to help him farm the blasted landscape proves fateful when he winds up with two slaves instead.

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WINTER: Edor and newly freed slaves Lys and Tywyll race to prepare for the coming winter as revelations about the pair’s ties to the land and seasons continue. Just when Lys is at his most vulnerable, the three find their home in danger, with a mystery to solve.

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SPRING: As winter turns to spring, Edor, Lys and Tywyll focus on keeping the spring floods from their home and learn more about newcomer Cynar, who comes in very useful for keeping their farm secret from passersby. But sinister forces align against them, from Edor’s venal neighbor to the rapacious Salters.

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At high SUMMER, Lys disappears and Edor strikes out to find him, leaving Cynar and their newfound love behind.  His travels lead him to the knowledge that the Salters have allied with the powerful Dome Hierarchy and seek control of Novigi powers. Conclusion to the series.

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Can a bad day at Ikhaya be salvaged?
~1 k 



Fantasy / alternate history
>22k each


MASTER OF NONE: A naïf from the coast, Adiún sets off in search of Devi, the lover who was taken from him the previous autumn. Arriving in the nearest city, he hooks up with a troupe of performers. They take Adiún in, helping him as he searches brothels and slavers' camps for signs of his love. But when they finally find Devi, he’s not the man Adiún remembers…

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POLYPHONY: Adiún and Matti, together with liberated slaves Devi and Sauda, must find a safe place to spend the winter. While searching, Adiún and Devi struggle learn the hardest lesson of all: that true love might just be the work of many hearts.

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DRAGONWALKER: Endi’s always hoped for better than “ordinary.”  One day, he meets a mysterious new friend and his canine clients start sporting wings and spewing fire.  Can the motley collection of pooches really be dragons?
Part of ANOTHER FINE MESS, an anthology edited by Syd McGinley.



out of print; reissuing soon!


ENDICOTT REX: Endi and his Chief are back! Endi's trying to learn how to be a sub and not just a slutty bottom, and Chief's working on balancing being Endi's boss with topping the irrepressible Dragonwalker. When the dragon-dogs of Endicott begin disappearing, Endi and Chief step in as first responders…and into a world of trouble.  
LIVE BY THE SWORD -- David's story! 

ASKARI: Noble is an American medical anthropologist who wants to save the world. His work in Kenya is off to a slow start until he accidentally moves into a brothel. The night guard, Harry, is more than what he seems, and soon he’s helping Noble take his research, and love life, to a whole new level. 
16 k 


BAILAME: AZUL Color Box -- a new Cuba story! 




CARDINAL POINTS: Argus is a master Dom who’s lost his sense of purpose. Dori is a spiritual seeker who’s never quite found his way.  When the two meet at a pagan festival, the heat is undeniable. But how can BDSM amateur Dori and novice pagan Argus chart a new path together if Dori keeps disappearing?

CARDINAL POINTS appears in the anthology BOUND WITH A BOW which also includes stories by Beth Wylde, Mychael Black, Sascha Illyvich, and EM Lynley.

14 k  
BDSM erotica 


PROUD IS THE DANCER, PRIDE IS THE DANCE: Cuban dancer Calyx and his White lover Danny learn how to live, rather than merely to exist.
Part of the COMING TOGETHER: AT LAST (Volume 1) charity anthology to benefit Amnesty International.


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THE HUSTLER PRINCE: Martin, a Puerto Rican anthropologist who travels to Cuba with his economist friend Doria where he meets charming hustler Alexei. Alexei's not a rent boy, but a hustler in the classic sense, a mover and shaker in Cuba's post-Soviet days of shortages and privations. Martin and Alexei have a fling, and that should have been the end of it, until one day Martin looks at a newspaper photo of Cuban refugees at Guantanamo Bay awaiting resettlement and sees his holiday trick there, front and center! What's a good-boy anthropologist to do?


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Cumpleaños: Cuban student Vladímir teaches mentor Abdelrazek how to make a mojito.

This appeared as part of a Torquere Press anniversary event.