About Lee Benoit

Before dawn and after dark, I am a writer of queer fiction, some contemporary, some speculative, some historical. During the daylight hours I am a professor of sociology & anthropology. In the old days, I traveled the world doing field research. Nowadays, I live in the middle of a New England hayfield where being a two-spirit single parent provides more than enough excitement. I also paint watercolors, bake wild-yeast sourdough bread, rear guinea fowl, and share my bed with a pair of cats and an abjectly adoring hound-retriever mutt. Whenever I get itchy feet and miss the world of research and advocacy, I invent a new world in my head and take notes on what happens there.

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tree of life autumnFinally, you can catch up with me at the GLBT Bookshelf, a giant wiki devoted to everything about GLBT fiction and nonfiction. Besides me, you’ll find hundreds of GLBT authors, editors, publishers, cover artists, reviewers, and more! Click the image below to visit.GLBT BookshelfI love to hear from readers and other authors, so don’t hesitate to comment on my posts or email me.

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